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Discovering Far East
“The Dialogue of Cultures” - Amur river cruise (8 days tour)

This special cruise is dedicated to the upper Amur River with visits the various reserves adjacent to the Amur River, such as the Bolonsky reseves. We will also have a chance to learn more about the various ancient cultures who still live along the river banks, such as Nivkh, Nanai and Ulchi.

Dialogue of Culture is the operator of the Amur River Cruise. Dialogue of Culture is a non-profit organization dedicated to conservation of culture and nature. The organization offers programs which benefit and nurture the traditions of native cultures, such as Nanai and Nivkh which were the first inhabitants of the lands surrounding the Amur River. It also honors a policy of conservation and protection of the pristine territories adjacent to the Amur River. Cruise logistics are supported by Voyage, a registered travel company in Khabarovsk, an experienced operator of cruise and air charter programs.

The Amur River historically provided the main link between the small settlements along the river and the more sophisticated, well-connected city of Khabarovsk. The river, one of the largest in Russia, and frozen almost seven months out of the year, meanders through a continuous changing landscape dotted with small villages where life practically has remained the same for centuries.

This corner of Russia, commonly called the Russian Far East, is endowed with stunning natural beauty and offers a one of a kind opportunity to get acquainted with vibrant native cultures. We will spend some time talking with the elders of these cultures about their way of life and have the possibility to buy hand made souvenirs, such as jewelry, clothing and tools. You will also have the opportunity to visit some of the most important archeological areas in the Khabarovski Krai.

Our on board programs are centered around active exploration of both nature and culture, thereby raising your awareness and satisfying your curiosity about this virtually unknown corner of the world.

Shore excursions will be lead by our lecturers, who will add a special touch to your discovery of these exciting outings. The areas we visit are virtually left alone and therefore offer you an opportunity to get in touch with nature. There will be an evening wrap up which will allow you to ask questions and to offer your comments on the excursion and what you might have observed.

Our vessel, the Amur Star offers you a comfortable way to explore and discover the territories alongside the Amur River. The diversity of nature that you will encounter is a combination of might and beauty that is what the Russian Far East is all about. Hospitable staff and crew await you when you board the vessel and welcome you back after each visit ashore.

All cabins have large picture windows affording you the opportunity to watch the scenery in quiet contemplation.

An open bridge policy while cruising allows you to observe the captain and crew at work. This is the place to be early in the morning to watch the sun come up over the bow and learn more about our ship and its itinerary as we move along.

Experienced chefs prepare all your meals and hospitality staff present you with food that is fresh, wholesome and delicious. One of the best gourmet adventures you can experience on our green stops is the Ukha soup cooked for you especially by the captain. Also tour cruise offers you the famous Neptune celebration, a festivity in which everyone can participate.

Day 1
Arrive Khabarovsk. Meeting at APT with guide.
Transfer to the ship Amur Star & check-in.Dinner on the board.
22:00 Departure by ship.Overnight on the board

Day 2
Breakfast. Free time till lunch. Lunch on the board.
12:00 Arrive Bolonskii nature preserve. Lunch.
13:00 Walking tour in Bolonskii nature preserve.
18:00 Return to the ship. Dinner.
19:00 Departure.Overnight on the board.

Day 3
Breakfast. Free time.
10:00-13:00 Dubovii is-d
Green stop at “Dubovii” island.After arrival to the island Russian style barbeque lunch & rest on the island.
Dinner & overnight on the board

Day 4
Breakfast. Free time.
09:00 Arrive Nikolaevsk-on-Amur.
Excursion arround the city (walking excursion : central part of the city, memorial of the heroes, sightseeing place over Amur).
Visit to ethnographic museum.
13:00 Return to the ship. Lunch on the board.
15:00 Departure to Bulava.
Dinner & overnight on the board.

Day 5
Breakfast. Free time.
10:00 Arrive Bulava village.
Walking sightseeing tour, visit to ethnographic museum, welcome traditional ulchi dances show.
13:00 Return to the board of the ship. Lunch.
15:00 Departure to Troitskoe. Dinner & overnight on the board

Day 6
Non stop day
Full day on the boat. Take part in classes (russian music, needlework, ballet dances).
Lunch, dinner & overnight on the boat

Day 7
9:00 Arrive to Troitskoe.
Visit to editorial office, short walking tour, welcome traditional nanai people dances, visit to ethnographic museum.
13:00 Return to the board of the ship. Lunch.
Departure for Troitskoe."Good-buy" dinner, overnight on the boat.

Day 8
9:00 Arrive Khabarovsk. Check-out.
Transfer to airport/hotel.

Tour cost includes:
- all transfer
- acommodation on the ship board "Amur Star"
- meals
- excurtions as the above program
- guide assistance
- visa support letter

*VOYAGE are ready to prodive any additional services as the program you offer.

Price: 1078

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